Title: Fristaden Lab Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate Review


The Fristaden Lab Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate is a versatile and efficient tool designed to meet the needs of both professional laboratories and home-based experiments. This well-crafted device combines the impressive capabilities of a magnetic stirrer with a high-performance hot plate, enabling users to perform temperature-controllable mixing in a single unit. In this review, we will delve into the product’s features, advantages, and potential drawbacks to help you determine if it fits your laboratory requirements.

Fristaden Lab 5L Digital Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate | Wide Ceramic Plate | PID Temperature Control | Ideal for Chemical/Physical Analysis | PT1000 Temp. Probe Included
  • Increase production / save time / create a better product: The Fristaden Lab digital magnetic hotplate stirrer is the right choice when you need a thoroughly mixed or homogenized mixture. The stirrer can be set up in about a minute, having you well on our way to producing high-quality solutions without the need for hand mixing.
  • Mix consistency into every batch: When you finally achieve that batch—you know, the one that is just right—often the hard part is repeating the same good result (known as “batch-to-batch consistency”). With this stirrer, if you add the same components and mix at the same temperature and speed for the same amount of time, you can produce the same good results, batch after batch.
  • Built to handle long mixing times: Sure, there are cheaper stirrers on the market. But if you want a stirrer that is built to last and will stand up to run times lasting up to weeks, then the Fristaden Lab digital magnetic hotplate stirrer is what you are looking for. Longer mixing times equates to a better product, and this is where Fristaden Lab outperforms the competition.
  • Five-liter capacity: The ceramic-coated, stainless-steel hotplate base can accommodate beakers up to five liters in capacity. Compare this to other stirrers that limit you to only three liters. The hotplate base heats up quickly to 280°C (536°F), while the PT1000 temperature probe provides an accurate measure of a solution’s temperature.
  • American-owned company providing excellent 2-year warranty and support: Fristaden Lab is a wholly American-owned company that has been serving labs, schools, industries, and homes for almost ten years. Fristaden Lab equipment is known for our easy-to- understand user guides and backs every product with a two-year warranty and support from a responsive customer service department.


The Fristaden Lab Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate boasts a sturdy construction coupled with advanced technology, making it an exceptional addition to any scientific setup. Its high-quality aluminum alloy top plate ensures durability and efficient heat transfer, allowing temperatures to be adjusted precisely from room temperature up to 380ºC (716ºF). Equipped with a powerful magnetic stirrer motor, this device effortlessly maintains consistent stirring speeds ranging from 0-1100rpm. With integrated heating and stirring controls, this user-friendly solution simplifies experiments requiring homogeneous mixing at controlled temperatures.

1. Remarkable Temperature Control: The broad temperature range provides flexibility for various applications while maintaining accuracy through digital control.
2. Efficient Magnetic Stirring: The powerful motor allows for reliable and uniform mixing across volumes up to 3L of liquid or solution.
3. Robust Construction: The sturdy aluminum alloy top can withstand the demands of everyday laboratory use, ensuring durability for long-term performance.
4. Safety Measures: The device includes overheating protection mechanisms and nonslip feet for enhanced safety during operation.

1. Limited Heating Area: The hot plate size restricts the usable heating surface area making it less suitable for larger vessels or multiple containers simultaneously.
2. Noisy Operation: At higher rotational speeds, the magnetic stirrer can generate some noise which might be slightly bothersome in quiet laboratory settings.

Unique Features:

1. Digital LED Display: The clearly visible display allows for easy monitoring and control of temperature and stirring speed.
2. Adjustable Speed and Temperature: Users can precisely regulate both stirring speed and temperature to achieve optimal conditions for various experiments.
3. Corrosion-Resistant Stir Bar: The included PTFE-coated stir bar ensures chemical resistance, longevity, and minimizes contamination risks.


The Fristaden Lab Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate undoubtedly presents a reliable and efficient solution for scientific laboratories or individuals conducting experiments at home. With its remarkable temperature control, powerful magnetic stirring capacity, and robust construction, this device offers an excellent platform for various applications. While the limited heating area and noise levels could be minor considerations, its overall performance makes it a valuable addition to any laboratory. If you’re looking for a versatile magnetic stirrer hot plate, the Fristaden Lab Magnetic Stirrer Hot Plate is an enticing choice.

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